I will make any Website Responsive

People all over the world are visiting your Website in different devices. If your website is not responsive. That means you are losing visitors on small devices.


If you have videos and they are not responsive. That’s even worse.


Responsive Web Design (RWD) is web design that ensures your Web Page resizes to adapt to the screen on which it is being viewed.

Your website needs to resize regardless of the device your visitor / customer is using. It not only needs to resize, but should also show all content clearly.


Believe me, I can do a lot of stuff, but currently this is the only service I offer.


I will make your website responsive. And make all content appear and resize well regardless of the device being used.


It is important to note that I will not be redesigning you website on large screens such as Desktops and Laptops. My focus is only on small devices. I will make them appear well on small devices such as smartphones, tablets and ipads.


You may choose one package below.  There is one for a single page. And another for your full website regardless of how many pages you have.


Choose YOUR Package

RWD Make a single web page responsive

One Single Page


Make a full web page responive for you

Your Full Website


Choose YOUR Package




What you get

  • Fully Responsive site
  • Responsive Menu
  • Responsive Articles
  • Responsive Videos
  • Responsive Images
  • Responsive Sidebars.
  • Responsive PopUps / Lighboxes



What Mode of PayMent do you support?

PayPal .

Paypal supports payment via any Credit / Debit Card.  You may pay through your PayPal Account or create an account and pay through any one of your cards.


Can I order for more than one Single page?

Yes .

On the PayPal check out page. You may change the number of Quantity . Type in the number of pages you have.  That simple.


Can I order for more than one website?

Yes !

On the PayPal check out page change the Quantity number to reflect the number of websites you need me to work on.


What next after I order?

After a successful order, You will be redirected to a page where you will provide me the website details.

How long ?

How long it takes to make your site responsive depends on how big your website is.

For a single page, One day or two will be all I need.

In case of any delays, I will speak to you like a fellow human being. And tell you if there will be delays.


Do you offer other services

I can do a lot of things. However this is all I want to be known for: I will make any Website Responsive.


Who do you serve?

I prefer to work exclusively with Entrepreneurs, Freelancers/consultants and Creatives. This is because I have been and I am these.

Don’t loose hope. If you have a website that needs RWD work, I will still work on it for you

I will be able to serve you from wherever you are in the world. The internet is a country without boundaries.


Will you raise prices ?

Depends on a lot of factors . But in future, most likely , yes.


Choose a Package

Choose YOUR Package


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