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Hi, I’m Ricky

I am a Web Developer. And an online trainer .


I know a lot about different technologies. The ones I don’t know about, I can learn and love to use.

I am well conversant with both Hardware and Software Technology. I like to identify myself as a Web Developer , Copywriter and Digital Marketer.


I have run small Web and Software Dev Firms in the past. So, I know about customer Acquisition and Retention, and how usability is crucial in this process. That’s when I came to love Sales and Marketing. Marketing and branding has become my strongest skill-set, mostly because I always have great ideas. Also because I am a copywriter and always tries to write the best sales copy possible. Most importantly because I read from the best about it.


I can code but I wouldn’t work as a programmer for other companies; only on my projects or on open source projects. I can work as a UX/UI person.   I love wonderful user experiences.

I have skills in both Frontend and Backend technologies such as HTML,CSS,JS,JQuery,Node, PHP , Laravel,MySQL, MongoDB etc. Javascript has become my tool of choice on both front and backend.


As a constant learner, I am always improving my skills and updating myself on the latest relevant technologies. Despite all these, I would not work as a programmer/developer for any company. I prefer Marketing, both offline and digital. I am okay with Interface design and Usability. I love that too. I am a champion of great User experience both in Business and in Technology.



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I don’t want to write a lot on this page. So I’ll just put up a link for you to ask me any question here on Facebook Messenger.


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Non-exhaustive list of skills:










User Experience, UI Design

AWS, Digital Ocean

WordPress, Joomla, Magento,PrestaShop, Shopify,BigCommerce




Digital Marketing

Business Operation and Management