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Ricky Wahowa - Web Developer and online Trainer


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Hi, I’m Ricky

I am a Web Developer. And an online trainer .


I know a lot about different technologies. The ones I don’t know about, I can learn and love to use.

I am well conversant with both Hardware and Software Technology. I like to identify myself as a Web Developer , Copywriter and Digital Marketer.


I have run small Web and Software Dev Firms in the past. So, I know about customer Acquisition and Retention, and how usability is crucial in this process. That’s when I came to love Sales and Marketing. Marketing and branding has become my strongest skill-set, mostly because I always have great ideas. Also because I am a copywriter and always tries to write the best sales copy possible. Most importantly because I read from the best about it.


I can code but I wouldn’t work as a programmer for other companies; only on my projects or on open source projects. I can work as a UX/UI person.   I love wonderful user experiences.

I have skills in both Frontend and Backend technologies such as HTML,CSS,JS,JQuery,Node, PHP , Laravel,MySQL, MongoDB etc. Javascript has become my tool of choice on both front and backend.


As a constant learner, I am always improving my skills and updating myself on the latest relevant technologies. Despite all these, I would not work as a programmer/developer for any company. I prefer Marketing, both offline and digital. I am okay with Interface design and Usability. I love that too. I am a champion of great User experience both in Business and in Technology.



You can watch my Web Development and iMarketing Tutorials on Bizanosa.com.

The best way to contact me is via Bizanosa.com .


I don’t want to write a lot on this page. So I’ll just put up a link for you to ask me any question here on Facebook Messenger.


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Contact Me on WhatsApp : +254 731 246 444



Non-exhaustive list of skills:










User Experience, UI Design

AWS, Digital Ocean

WordPress, Joomla, Magento,PrestaShop, Shopify,BigCommerce




Digital Marketing

Business Operation and Management





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