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Block spam referrers in WordPress

You go to your JetPack stats to check how your Website traffic stats are doing.

Then you look at the referrers and see this suspicious looking link .

“This must be spam” , you say to your self.

Well, guess what? It is a spam referrer. And if you click on it to investigate, you will have done exactly what they expected.

Stop fake referrers in wordpress

If you click the link to see what this link is all about. You should know that is the intention of this kind of spam.

If you click to visit it, it will probably redirect to another website.


How do you block these spam?

I’m assuming you have WordFence Security installed.

First , copy the link . We want to extract the domain part . In my screenshot above, I will extract the domain  .

Copy link in Firefox

First I am copying the link . I am using FireFox here.


Next , I’ll paste it somewhere like notepad, so that  I can extract ( Copy the domain ) . As illustrated in the image below:

Copy the domain part from the spammy domain

After copying the domain, go to the WordFence advanced blocking settings.

Go to wordfence security advanced settings

Then , add the domain you copied to the section that says: Referer (website visitor arrived from) that matches:

As shown

Block spammer referrer in WordFence

Then add a reason and click the blue ,Block Visitors Matching this Pattern button .

Add lreason on WOrdfence for blocking

That’s it.


From all the settings  you can see there are a lot of options for you. This means you can block IP addresses, host-names, browser User Agents and other patterns.

If you see any weird looking referrers on your analytics , block them.



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